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The Benefits of Data Center Virtualization

When it concerns data center operations there are a lot of factors to take into account. From the physical infrastructure to software abstraction, optimization of the hardware There are a range of variables that can affect business performance and overall productivity.

However, one way to simplify things is through virtualization of data centers. With virtualization, it’s simpler for IT administrators to reconfigure and provision IT resources as neededsomething that wouldn’t be possible without technology. And this automation not only speeds up processes, it also helps ensure that policies are consistently implemented and that the right configurations are utilized.

Virtualization is the process of the combination of storage devices, servers and networking equipment to create a system where multiple IT functions can run on a single server. This allows you to optimize server usage and reduce hardware costs. The ability to dynamically allocate resources enhances scalability because it avoids under-utilized capacity.

Another benefit of virtualization is the ease with it is possible to deploy new IT services and applications. Deploying a virtual machine only takes a few minutes as opposed to the hours and days it takes to set up hardware. This flexibility allows businesses the capability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and gain an edge over competitors.

IT administrators must remain aware that a highly-virtualized data center is not without risks. For instance, if IT personnel are too naive about setting up new VMs, it could result in VM sprawl. This overutilization of hardware and underlying resources can cause the performance to suffer, as well as additional costs and even more attack areas to defend.

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